Staying Awake with Modafinil

Maintaining enough energy is often a problem for many people who have busy schedules. By the time two o’clock rolls around, they feel like it’s time to call it a day. Many turn to caffeine for a boost of energy but, as countless know, caffeine’s major downfall is tolerance. After a couple weeks of an afternoon cup of Joe, it’s time to increase to two cups, and then three cups. Then pretty soon you realize you’re ingesting 1200mg of caffeine a day (one cup is around 100mg). As a result you decide to cut off your caffeine supply and as it turns out, like many drugs, withdrawal is a huge problem. You’ll be sleeping 13 hours a day, feeling exhausted and irritable all the time.

Having an ample source of energy to cycle with is one of the best ways to combat this tolerance issue. Cycling is a simple and effective concept. Essentially, after a couple weeks of caffeine, you switch to an alternative energy source for a couple weeks. Thus, when you come back to coffee (or caffeine supplements), it feels like your first cup in years. Mmm, energy!

Benefits of Modafinil

This is where modafinil come into play. Some people say it’s a study aid, but for some it is useful for everything, some people even take modafinil and caffeine. Users reported taking one tablet (200mg) in the morning made them feel well-rested and awake the rest of the day with no crash. The military tested modafinil on pilots and found that pilots could be out for longer flights without fearing fatigue. It feels cleaner than caffeine supplements – no anxiety, jitters, or stimulation – just feeling really awake and well-rested.

Avoiding Modafinil Withdrawal

Like caffeine, however, tolerance will become an issue. Some users find they become dependent on modafinil as they did with coffee, taking up to one to two tablets a day. This is why cycling is so useful. Alternating between the two will allow for energy boosts, but avoid tolerance.

Because modafinil requires a prescription, some may not be able to obtain it. Users can obtain similar results through other means. Since the goal is to achieve a wakefulness feeling without caffeine, you might find that ALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) and DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine) achieve comparable effects.

Chasing the PEA Dragon: An Uncomfortable Euphoria

DMAA Powder Stack

I was looking for quality DMAA powder (a stimulant in Jack3d that gives you great energy) and I came across a mix consisting of Caffeine, DMAA, Hordenine, and Phenylethylamine. Usually when I come across something like this, I quickly disregard it because it has all the “extras” while I’m trying to find an isolated solution. I had never even heard of Hordenine or PEA (Phenylethylamine) but when I read some of the reviews, people were continually blown away by the combination and that it was the best energy they’ve ever had. So now I was curious and decided to do a little research.

I learned about MAOIs (Monoamine oxidase inhibitors) and how there are enzymes in the brain that destroy certain neurotransmitters. Hordenine acts as a temporary MAOI to allow PEA (and even Caffeine and DMAA supplement to an extent) to pass through the brain blood barrier without being metabolized. To put it simply, Hordenine makes the other three ingredients significantly more potent.

So I ordered the energy stack from Powder City and when I got it, I decided to take it all at the maximum recommended dose. What followed was what I can best describe as an uncomfortable euphoria. Fortunately, that night I decided to log how the day went:

“After 25 minutes I started feeling really happy. I ran out to my roommate’s car as he was leaving for work and explained that my new stack was working. But then it all went downhill once I got back inside. I had to lie in bed, and I was essentially staring at the ceiling needing to consciously breathe, and I was noting my heartbeat. For the most part I didn’t move. Maybe 20 minutes later of staring up at the ceiling, I got myself up and went to take an ice cold shower. I was freaking out pretty bad and the thoughts of ODing and needing to call 911 were always on my mind.

About 30 minutes later, I went climbing (at an indoor bouldering gym) with my friend: “…I started climbing. I got way into it and it turned out to be my best climbing session ever. I got routes that I had never been able to do before. If I had to guess, the short ‘High’ that PEA gave finally wore off and the caffeine and DMAA were finally able to help me climb.”

PEA, Hordenine, Caffeine and DMAA Powder Stack Reviewed

So while I did experience the energy boost others reported, the uncomfortable euphoria is certainly worth noting. Users should start low with this stack and work their way up to suitable levels.

My Experience Buying and Taking Afobazole

If you buy afobazole, you may just unlock your mind.I believe Russia is the leading producer of new nootropics. They’re constantly coming out with new and promising things to try. After having great success with the racetam powder, I did a little reading to find what else I could take (hah, maybe curiosity got the better of me?). In case you’re wondering, there are many sources where noopept can be bought.

I came across this anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) stuff called Afobazole. I’m writing this with extreme caution because although I’ve taken it many times, I’m still unsure how safe it is – so be careful if you decide to try it. Disclaimers aside, Afobazole has been a great nootropic for me.

There’s almost no research in English on this particular nootropic, and at this point, everything is anecdotal, however the Russians claim it is a safe compound with no known adverse side effects while taken alone or with other drugs. I’ve taken up to 20mg at a time (one tablet is 10mg) and I’ve been fine.

Afobazole Effects

I notice myself feeling calmer and less self-critical. I tend to be a fairly self-conscious guy who can occasionally have a hard time in social settings, but on Afobazole (especially after several days of use, allowing it to build up in my system), I feel more at ease. The Russians take pride in this nootropic drug because of its powerful anxiolytic properties while being non-sedating (typically, to find anything anxiolytic in the U.S. that is truly effective, a tradeoff is sedation). I certainly have not noticed any sedative effects with Afobazole and for this I am greatly appreciative.

Even though I find myself at ease, I’m still unsure if what I’m feeling is Afobazole or just placebo. Anti-anxiety meds are hard for me to measure because I still feel the same, yet overall more positive. Even if the effect is placebo, the fact is the drug is helping me through certain situations that might otherwise deter me. It’s made days go by easier and I’ve certainly enjoyed the experience. I might try to figure out a way to test the actual effectiveness of the drug by writing logs of how I am feeling throughout the days I take it versus the days I don’t.

L-theanine as an Afobazole Alternative

Because Afobazole is extremely difficult to purchase in the U.S., similar results can be obtained by taking a proper theanine dosage. It calms the body considerably, and is also commonly paired with caffeine supplements for a clean energy boost.

Why Beta-Blockers have Significant Nootropic Potential

head-gears-istock_custom-6a7bc44d56079c3543b7f1928f6a4c862708fdab-s6-c10When I think of the word “nootropic”, I immediately think of the following: A cognitive enhancer. Whether people know it or not, chances are they are taking some variant of nootropic. Anywhere from a cup of coffee in the morning to an evening cigarette, the sole purpose is for cognitive enhancement.

It seems that nootropics have exploded lately, and students all over the world have been searching for their ultimate study aid. Even just a few years ago, we would pull all-nighters with our pot of coffee and a pile of lecture notes and textbooks. Now a surprising amount of students take Adderall and similar aids. While this is a great idea in theory, I believe I’ve found a different (although probably not original) approach.

What are Beta Blockers?

Beta blockers are prescribed to treat high blood pressure, and are generally prescribed for people with heart problems. But then concert performers found them to be amazing for reducing physical signs of anxiety/nervousness. Pre-Beta-Blocker, stage anxiety would keep increasing, similar to the snowball effect. The performer starts their piece, but then their face turns red or they mess up a note/line. Then they realize they are getting nervous, and start to notice all sorts of other physical symptoms, and it continues to creep on their consciousness until they’re a wreck.

Beta Blockers for Anxiety

Imagine if you could avoid those initial physical signs of anxiety. Your heart never speeds up, your face never flushes, and your hands never shake. You might not realize it, but then you can give full attention to the task at hand without physical distraction. This is why beta-blockers are so helpful for performers.

I’ve gone into a huge calculus midterm before, extremely nervous and worried. I could try my hardest to keep a poker face on, but I know I’m nervous. Even if I’m well-prepared for this midterm, my anxiety might hinder my success. If I had beta-blockers back during those midterms, I would find test-taking significantly easier and might even find myself enjoying putting my knowledge to use. This could potentially be more powerful (grade-wise) than a study-aid in the long run.

Because beta-blockers require prescription, and if someone cannot find one, similar results can be obtained through other means. Since the goal is to achieve a calm/focused state, you can find a racetam that achieves this decently with pramiracetam powder (this is different than piracetam).