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Kevin is a writer and personal trainer. Addicted to fitness and wellness since he learned to box at five, he’s always on the lookout for new methods and supplements to take his physical and mental limits to new levels. He enjoys reading, Dr Who, trying to lift ridiculously heavy things, and spending time with his girlfriend and their two extra-small dogs. Read his posts.

Luke is a recent college graduate with a degree in communications. He’s an active, creative person, and is always exploring new ways to stay healthy and boost his productivity. Nootropics have interested him for years, and he’s both well read and hands-on familiar with how they can affect mood, memory, and creativity.. Read his posts.

Phillip Johnson is a freelance writer and presenter on cognitive enhancement through Nootropics and other cognitive related supplements. Read his posts.

Wendell Luckow. Read his posts.

Samantha. Read her posts.

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