PEA and Hordenine Combo

PEA and Hordenine

Many people are looking for ways to not only lose weight but also reduce stress and just simply feel better. Certainly dieting is one way to go about this, but this can be incredibly difficulty. Having some all-natural help in the form of amino acid derivatives is something that could produce all of these benefits and more. Such is the case of PEA (Phenylethylamine) and Hordenine. These supplements are both all natural supplements that have shown to be very effective. After examining the benefits, this might be an excellent combination to support your own weight loss and feel-good efforts.

What is Phenylethylamine?

Simply put, a phenylethylamine supplement is derived from the amino acid phenylalanine. Occurring naturally in foods like chocolate, this is also known to have a mood-boosting effect that can lead to feelings of well-being and even euphoria. This is done by increasing dopamine levels within the brain along with blocking the action of other dopamine transmitters.

Phenylethylamine is also thought to be a natural fat burner and is capable of raising the metabolism. There are a number of dietary and weight loss supplements that now add this to their formulations in an effort to make themselves more effective. Dopamine also plays a strong role in movement and this may also be at least partially responsible for the increased energy levels.

What is Hordenine?

Hordenine is a natural phenylethylamine compound, although it is related to the amino acid tyramine. Its mechanism of action is slight different from PEA in that it stimulates the release of the powerful neurotransmitter norepinephrine. This also leads to higher levels of energy and an increased speed of metabolism. There is also some evidence to suggest that it may result in slowed digestion and an associated decrease in appetite.

PEA-Hordenine Benefits:

When taken together, the combination of PEA and Hordenine is a powerful weight loss and energy boosting supplement stack. Many users are already taking this as part of a pre-workout stack simply for the increased energy.

This combination is also very effective for overall fat loss. As the metabolism is sped up, this may also lead to a slightly higher body temperature, which makes it even more effective as a natural fat burner. When they are combined it is also thought that synergistic effects are produced. In other words, PEA and Hordenine together is more effective than it would be if they were each taken separately.

Hordenine and PEA (Phenylethylamine) Supplements

Falling in love or having a crush on someone can be a very powerful feeling. The exhilarating rush makes everything else seem insignificant.

An often overlooked part of the whole idea, especially when you’re in the middle of the emotions, is that the rush is all a result of a chemical cocktail mixed by the brain.

Even though it’s more fun to get the chemicals flowing naturally, two supplements, the PEA Hordenine combo, can help mimic the same euphoria felt with that kind of intense happiness while improving brain function, boosting physical performance, and also helping you burn fat.

PEA Phenylethylamine Supplement Benefits

Phenylethylamine (also known by the much easier to pronounce acronym ‘PEA’) is a natural alkaloid found throughout nature in animals and plants. It is a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter.  Individuals often use PEA as a dietary supplement to boost mood and energy. When metabolized, PEA acts similarly to an amphetamine by releasing a special mix of the endorphins norepinephrine and dopamine and speeding up the flow between nerve cells.

Due to this, it’s come to be known as the “love molecule” or an infatuation inducing stimulant and creates the high or euphoria felt when in love. There seems to be an optimal range of PEA within the body as people who have problems focusing their attention often have low levels of PEA, while people with certain psychological issues often have abnormally high levels.

If PEA sounds like it’s too good to be true, that’s because it is. When used alone, PEA is quickly made inactive by monoamine oxidase (MAO). This means very little reaches the brain and even if it does, the effects don’t last very long.

Phenylethylamine Hordenine Benefits

This is where hordenine comes in. Hordenine is an alkaloid extracted from specific type of cactus and in the class of PEA-related chemicals. It also affects levels of norepinephrine within the body and is used as a stand alone supplement for energy, weight loss, body composition, and improved cognitive function.

But when it relates to PEA, the most sought after effects of hordenine are for it acting as an MAO inhibitor. Since MAO quickly breaks down PEA when it’s metabolized, the effects are short lasting. But when combined with the MAOI-like effects of a supplement like hordenine, the positive feelings from PEA can carry on much longer and possibly be amplified.

While the chemical effects of stacking hordenine phenylethylamine are the same, they benefit users in a variety of ways from a planned euphoria during social events on the weekends to energetic, focused workouts. The main uses of PEA/Hordenine are:

  • Induce a positive mood
  • General euphoric feelings
  • Focus and concentration
  • Energy before a workout
  • Fat loss (Stimulant)

If you are interested in testing out a combo of hordenine phenylethylamine, especially if you’re mixing bulk powders, you will likely have to experiment to find the dosage that works best for you. Some users like to take 15-30mg of Hordenine with 300-500mg PEA.

As always, it’s best to start on the lower end of the dosage spectrum and slowly work up from there.

Hordenine and PEA (Phenylethylamine) Sources

My Attempt to Create the Ultimate Brain Pill: Part 2

love brain

The Idea

In a previous post, I had talked about how I’m always trying to find the combination of nootropics to create my ultimate brain pill. Something that can fit in a capsule, be harmless in the body, and effective is what I set as guidelines, so I set out to find a combination of supplements to achieve this.

The Method

I started out with a small, yet generous caffeine dosage of 200mg. I would have tried DMAA, but I’m still uncertain on how bad the crash is from that. Caffeine already acts as a good ultimate brain pill, but it’s still fun to experiment with other combinations.

I added a moderate dose (30mg) of noopept powder into the mix because it’s always been effective for helping me with focus, motivation, and best of all, the dose hardly fills up any space of a capsule leaving me a lot of room for more.

I look back at my next two ingredients with an amount regret. The first is Modafinil. While crushed up, this also fits into a pill fairly easily, and like caffeine, promotes wakefulness and attentiveness. It’s a good idea to have in a pill, but it’s difficult to obtain and doesn’t mix well with certain other drugs.

My last ingredient is one I don’t plan on using for a long time – Selegiline. It’s a MAO inhibitor, and used to be prescribed for depression. The way I figured it, the inhibition would increase the effects of the caffeine, making the effects longer and stronger, but I was unaware of the implications this particular inhibitor has.

It is an irreversible inhibitor, meaning it completely destroys the enzymes in your brain that metabolize certain chemicals (meaning your brain will not be able to metabolize those chemicals until new enzymes are made, which takes around two weeks). There is such a thing as a “MAOI Diet” because certain foods have chemicals that could be dangerous if not for the MAO enzymes. A safer alternative would have been Hordenine or Yohimbine (both temporary chemicals that act like MAOIs), and I will experiment more with them.

The Result

As of now, I have scrapped the Modafinil and Selegiline stack, and instead, am using Hordenine/Yohimbine and caffeine anhydrous powder to give me energy/focus.

This, along with the noopept powder, results in an indescribable focus that I am really enjoying. I can do work without being distracted by surrounding circumstances, which is new for me, and on top of all of that, I feel as if my cognitive function is actually improving. In the future, I will continue to tweak the design of the pill as I do more research and learn more about certain products, but for now, this will certainly do.

I suggest trying it yourself. It’s always exciting (at least for me) to see how certain supplements reach with each other. Don’t be like me, however, and do your research prior to combining!