Alpha GPC Powder : The Superior Choline Source

Supplementing with Choline

For those of you who experiment with racetams, you may have heard that it is often advised to stack with some sort of choline source. This is because racetams use cholinergic receptors in your brain, leading to lowered levels of choline and resulting in the infamous “choline headache”.

It’s a good idea to supplement with choline if taking racetams – not only to regulate choline levels in the brain, but also to give the racetams increased potency.

Alpha GPC Powder vs. Choline Bitartrate

When I first started studying the effects of racetams paired with a choline source, I noticed that a product called Alpha GPC is considered one of the higher quality sources of choline, yet is unfortunately much more expensive.

See my post on alpha-GPC’s benefits and my comparison of CDP choline versus alpha-GPC.

After further research, I found that Alpha GPC powder is highly regarded because the body absorbs it more efficiently than any other source, and there is even a little evidence that Alpha-GPC will increase strength by increasing growth hormone levels. These benefits alone make GPC worth the added costs.

After I ran out of my first package of Alpha GPC powder, I decided to save a little, and buy a more basic form of choline, choline bitartrate. Although the bitartrate did its job of preventing the dreaded headaches, I never noticed heightened effects of my racetam products, which is ultimately the main goal of choline supplementation. I’ve finally switched back to Alpha-GPC powder and found the desired effects to come along with the switch.

Alpha GPC Powder and Racetams

People will often say that if they do not experience a choline headache, they tend to not need to supplement with a choline source. My suggestion however is that if you want to see the most out of your racetams, to definitely provide your brain that extra fuel associated with choline use.

Although it is correct to state that GPC is a more expensive choline source, the effects of this great supplement speak for themselves. It is definitely worth the extra price!

The Nootropic Lullaby

Oh the Options…

I had just finished up my Alpha GPC and was awaiting shipment of my CDP Choline. It would be three days before I would see it and I wanted to continue my racetam use without negative side effects.

So I did what any self-respecting nootropic user would do, I bought some dirt cheap choline bitartrate at the local supplement store for a price that made me shiver.

Bitartrate’s Ill Effects

I took it home and consumed a 1200 mg dosage with my piracetam and went about my day.

Weirdly, that day turned out to be a groggy, sleepy, dopey kind of day.

Needless to say, this caught me off guard, and while there could have been many reasons for the lackluster persona, my suspicion was that the bitartrate was the culprit.

While the Alpha GPC and piracetam combo had been the exact opposite; a very energizing affair; after poking around on the internet I found that I was not the only person who had felt this hazy effect from the pairing of piracetam and choline bitartrate.

The Lullaby

It reminded me of another nootropic I had previously taken, Bacopa. Bacopa knocks me out, so I take it about two hours before bedtime and I’ve never struggled to get to sleep since.  That night I took 1500 mg of choline bitartrate with my Bacopa and was out like a light.

When I awoke the next day, I found myself fairly alert and in a good mood. I dosed my piracetam individually and found it to be back to the energizing effect I was used to.

This is, perhaps, the nootropic lullaby: Bacopa and choline bitartrate. The great part about this combination is that while other nootropics make some individuals sleepy, they don’t do this with any long-term benefit.

The different racetams can make different people sleepy, but once a racetam wears off it has little long lasting nootropic effect. L-Theanine can relax people, but again, if you go to sleep you lose any nootropic effects it might have for you.

Bacopa, however, improves memory all day if you’ve been taking it 4-12 weeks or longer, and choline bitartrate can increase your choline stores to reduce depletion from the following day’s racetam dosing.

Many people already have a nightly nootropic stack, and this might serve as either a good start, or a good addition, to yours.