Infographic: The Wonderful World of Nootropics

InfoGraphic: The Wonderful World of Nootropics

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Phenylethylamine: The Love Drug

Phenylethylamine dosages effect levels of the so-called “phenylethylamine love”Phenylethylamine: As intimidating as it sounds?

Awhile back I was researching this energy stack that I found online, and one of the ingredients was phenylethylamine (PEA). I had never heard of it before, but it sounded scientific and somewhat intimidating. I found a particular forum that talked about PEA health benefits and how popular it is as a supplement, especially among body building forums (for energy in the gym).

PEA (Phenylethylamine) The Love Drug

One particular post however, got my attention. The author wrote that PEA is the chemical released when people feel “in love”. It makes people jittery, crazy, and happy, with heart flutters and all. It’s also known to increase dopamine, which in some cases, is a good thing.

I immediately went online and purchased some. As it turns out, it’s also in chocolate perhaps adding to the myth that chocolate is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The Facts

It’s important to know that alone, PEA is blocked by the body. Some sort of inhibitor is required to feel the effects completely.

This is where things get tricky: a MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) is required to readily feel the effects.

Fortunately though, most people use Hordenine as their inhibitor. It is an herbal inhibitor and it’s very safe. It has a very short window of opportunity, and does not actually destroy the necessary enzymes in the body, but rather, blocks them for a short time. This gives you a small time window to take the PEA and feel the effects.

My Experience

When I finally tried it, I had the sensation of an intense focus. My thoughts were racing and I felt like I could read my body very well. As soon as I started feeling it, I got what can best be described as “The Smiles”. I couldn’t stop smiling, and it was certainly an interesting experience.

Soon after, however, I got slightly overwhelmed by my large dose and sat down while I waited for my friend to pick me up to go climbing. Luckily for me, the effects of PEA are very short lived. When my friend and I made it to the climbing gym, my energy was through the roof and I was able to complete routes that I was having a hard time with in the past. I didn’t feel particularly “in love”, but rather, I felt strong and confident.

Many people who love the experience in which was so foreign to me must continually re-dose throughout the day to keep a strong buzz going. Perhaps one day I’ll try taking PEA again (at a smaller dose) and see if I can gain a better control of the effects.