Brain Stimulation as a Powerful Nootropic

deep_brain_stimulation-51e83769c30ec77ae7d8d29324fd8c75e7d10cd7-s6-c10Over this last summer, I worked every day at a children’s summer camp. It was a lot of fun, and gave me a lot of free time to learn about nootropic memory supplements and try them out. Of course, all my coworkers gave me weird looks whenever nootropics came up in conversation, because it’s not a traditional hobby.

Over the course of the summer, I had gone through many different supplements, methods, and trials, and in the end I feel as if I made good progress. Today while I was walking to one of my classes, I realized something. Because I recently changed my major to Math, I’m signed up for 3 math classes, 1 physics class, and an elective. About a month into the new semester, I can already tell that making my brain work and think this hard on a daily basis has proven to be far more successful than any nootropic I tried over the summer.

(Note: nootropics are supplements. They don’t make intelligence out of thin air, they build upon what you already have)

I’m sharper, am able to focus, and best of all, I feel as though my days are productive. The only downside to school as a nootropic is that I’m tired all the time, and crash on the weekends.

Once I get into the swing of things, I will probably start taking nootropics once again for school (Fluid Intelligence, Modafinil, Pramiracetam, and Aniracetam, etc). Then I’ll be superhuman!

Even though this seemed new to me, it’s an old concept. It’s been shown that people maintain healthier brains and have less chance of adverse brain problems into old age if they lead a stimulating lifestyle.

How to Stimulate the Brain

There are countless brain games designed for brain stimulation (Chess, certain simulation video games, Sudoku, etc). The brain is like a muscle. With exercise, it will stay young, healthy, and strong.

Diet, rest, and exercise also maintain the brain, and with all of these combined, you will notice yourself feeling like every day is a good day.

My Attempt to Create the Ultimate Brain Pill: Part 2

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The Idea

In a previous post, I had talked about how I’m always trying to find the combination of nootropics to create my ultimate brain pill. Something that can fit in a capsule, be harmless in the body, and effective is what I set as guidelines, so I set out to find a combination of supplements to achieve this.

The Method

I started out with a small, yet generous caffeine dosage of 200mg. I would have tried DMAA, but I’m still uncertain on how bad the crash is from that. Caffeine already acts as a good ultimate brain pill, but it’s still fun to experiment with other combinations.

I added a moderate dose (30mg) of noopept powder into the mix because it’s always been effective for helping me with focus, motivation, and best of all, the dose hardly fills up any space of a capsule leaving me a lot of room for more.

I look back at my next two ingredients with an amount regret. The first is Modafinil. While crushed up, this also fits into a pill fairly easily, and like caffeine, promotes wakefulness and attentiveness. It’s a good idea to have in a pill, but it’s difficult to obtain and doesn’t mix well with certain other drugs.

My last ingredient is one I don’t plan on using for a long time – Selegiline. It’s a MAO inhibitor, and used to be prescribed for depression. The way I figured it, the inhibition would increase the effects of the caffeine, making the effects longer and stronger, but I was unaware of the implications this particular inhibitor has.

It is an irreversible inhibitor, meaning it completely destroys the enzymes in your brain that metabolize certain chemicals (meaning your brain will not be able to metabolize those chemicals until new enzymes are made, which takes around two weeks). There is such a thing as a “MAOI Diet” because certain foods have chemicals that could be dangerous if not for the MAO enzymes. A safer alternative would have been Hordenine or Yohimbine (both temporary chemicals that act like MAOIs), and I will experiment more with them.

The Result

As of now, I have scrapped the Modafinil and Selegiline stack, and instead, am using Hordenine/Yohimbine and caffeine anhydrous powder to give me energy/focus.

This, along with the noopept powder, results in an indescribable focus that I am really enjoying. I can do work without being distracted by surrounding circumstances, which is new for me, and on top of all of that, I feel as if my cognitive function is actually improving. In the future, I will continue to tweak the design of the pill as I do more research and learn more about certain products, but for now, this will certainly do.

I suggest trying it yourself. It’s always exciting (at least for me) to see how certain supplements reach with each other. Don’t be like me, however, and do your research prior to combining!