Greater focus with Craze

weight-lifting-for-beginnersWhat a Gift!

I received a free sample of DS Craze this weekend because I was curious on its effects inside and out of the gym. The grape flavor was artificial, but the effects were great. Within 30 minutes, I felt energized, focused, and ready to lift some weight.

Back off the Caffeine

One thing I love about Craze is its caffeine content. Many preworkout mixes out there are loaded with caffeine (giving a good result), however this leads to tolerance, which leads to multiple scoops for effectiveness (rather than the recommended 1 scoop) and more product is sold. Craze only has ~80mg of caffeine per scoop, which is roughly what a cup of coffee is. However, you will soon notice that the effects are much more prominent than just a single cup of coffee.

PEA’s Many Forms

It’s strange however: Craze has different forms of Phenylethylamine (PEA).

Taken in any other form, PEA is one of my least favorite experiences and is almost instantly noticeable, but I have yet to feel the same negative effects from Craze. This is most likely due to the many forms PEA takes on in Craze. It’s incredible that a single product can be broken down into so many different forms.

It also might be due to the lack of MAOI (inhibitor) that largely pronounces the effects of PEA — though I am skeptical because if I had to guess, a large percentage of Craze’s “Kinesis Proprietary Blend” is PEA, and it is widely known that when taken alone, PEA is ineffective. It is also known that even with some sort of inhibitor, PEA is very short-lived in the brain which might create a semi-placebo effect in the gym.

In the first 30 minutes, PEA is the most pronounced, but it is also in those same 30 minutes that one is waiting to go to the gym. Probably before you even hit halfway through your gym workout, PEA will have mostly worn off leaving you with the small amount of caffeine and other stimulants in the blend.

Craze as a Nootropic

One of the reasons I wanted to try Craze is because I’ve heard of many people on nootropic forums using Craze as a nootropic. It doesn’t include any racetams or traditional nootropics (except caffeine), but it’s still largely effective for focus. It also includes Creatine (no doubt for the exercise benefits) but Creatine is also shown to be largely effective as a nootropic. I’ll be sure to keep this one for my late-night study sessions and gym workouts.

Piracetam Powder: How to Take Nootropic Powders

Piracetam Powder Taste!

When I first got into the world of nootropics, I was excited. I bought my first container of piracetam powder and was ready to try it out, so I immediately mixed it with a glass of water and started drinking.

What I soon found was a taste only describable as disgustingly bitter. Of course, after about a week of routinely drinking water mixed with piracetam powder, I got used to tossing the product down quickly to avoid the negative taste, but unfortunately, some powders are even beyond that.

Another Issue with Piracetam Powder

Another problem with mixing with water is that a lot of supplements are fat-soluble, pramiracetam being one. This means that no matter how fast you stir, the powder won’t dissolve in your glass.

Sure, you could mix it in with a glass of milk, but just the thought of that makes me gag. Bitter milk should be dumped down the drain, not consumed for brain-enhancement.

My first solution was easy: I went to my local grocery store and bought some powdered Gatorade. While it only partially covered up the taste of some of my powders, it made the taste somewhat bearable. Not too long after that, I realized that I needed a new solution because it was ruining Gatorade for me.

DIY Piracetam Capsules

I did the next logical thing, and bought empty gelatin capsules and a capsule machine. It was cool to be making my own pills, and I figured I could start making my nootropics into pills in bulk quantities. That way, I could use an old jar, and fill it with capsules full of my delicious choline.

Unfortunately, I soon found out that it’s actually very difficult to regulate the amount of powder that goes in each pill. I would basically end up cramming whatever I could into a pill, without knowing how much quantity was in each pill.

Another problem with the capsule approach was that when I needed a lot of powder (4 grams of piracetam uses a lot of pills), I would need to be drinking down a lot of pills, which is never fun.

Nootropics Powder Alternative Options

I read online of some people dumping their weighed-out powder onto little corners of toilet paper, and wrapping it up and swallowing it like a pill.

At first, that sounded disgusting (…because who eats toilet paper?) but curiosity won, and I tried it. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the process was quick and painless.

Of course, this is a slightly drastic approach, and I soon found that there was a simple solution; a sweetener. Sugar and its many substitutes are often dangerous products, but one without the fear of negative side-effects does exist: Stevia. 3 microscoops of stevia in my supplement mix, and the taste was almost completely masked. What a relief! There is also the option to mix stevia with some citric acid if you prefer a citrus flavor.

I’ll use each of these methods with different powders, because they’re each effective in their own way. It’s a fun challenge to figure out how to stomach the worst tasting thing you’ve ever had.