Caffeine Without the Risks

sciencepress-030812-002-617x416Meet L-Citrulline

For those of you who rely on a cup of coffee in the morning for a boost out of bed, may I present to you an ingredient you might consider adding to your coffee (perhaps not mixed in, but taken alongside)? L-Citrulline, a popular workout ingredient and amino acid, is an essential ingredient to fight off some risks associated with caffeine.

Caffeine’s Side Effects

Caffeine alone acts as a vasoconstrictor (meaning the blood vessels throughout the body are temporarily decreased in diameter) which effects blood pressure. If you are already at risk for high blood pressure, or like to keep an eye on things such as blood pressure, you might know that caffeine has the potential to increase said blood pressure.

I’ve been told by doctors to avoid caffeine before exercising because of the risks of high blood pressure added with exercise. I did a little research, and I am inclined to believe this isn’t much of a risk because exercise intrinsically dilates the blood vessels – eliminating this problem.

Introduce Your Joe to L-Citrulline

But for those of you who do not exercise at work but still wish to ingest that delicious cup of joe, don’t worry; L-Citrulline will act as your vasodilator, keeping your blood pressure down. The two act together as a synergistic boost of energy, without the assumed fear of increased BP. Not only will it ward off that BP increase, but it will provide an essential “focus” level along with the energy increase natural caffeine provides.

Don’t let this talk of blood pressure worry you too much though – part of what comes with a caffeine tolerance is a tolerance towards the vasoconstriction. In other words, you’ll only really notice a significant change in blood pressure with caffeine intake only when you haven’t had caffeine in a long time.

Great, but will it Ruin my Delicious Coffee?

As for flavoring, I’ve found that L-Citrulline is sweet by nature. Perhaps you could try it as a sweetener for your coffee, though I never have and it sounds like it has the potential to be disgusting. My best recommendation is to take the Citrulline separately mixed with water. If you’re the type who doesn’t like the taste of water in the morning, perhaps try putting the Citrulline in your mouth and washing it down with that delicious coffee.