Why Beta-Blockers have Significant Nootropic Potential

head-gears-istock_custom-6a7bc44d56079c3543b7f1928f6a4c862708fdab-s6-c10When I think of the word “nootropic”, I immediately think of the following: A cognitive enhancer. Whether people know it or not, chances are they are taking some variant of nootropic. Anywhere from a cup of coffee in the morning to an evening cigarette, the sole purpose is for cognitive enhancement.

It seems that nootropics have exploded lately, and students all over the world have been searching for their ultimate study aid. Even just a few years ago, we would pull all-nighters with our pot of coffee and a pile of lecture notes and textbooks. Now a surprising amount of students take Adderall and similar aids. While this is a great idea in theory, I believe I’ve found a different (although probably not original) approach.

What are Beta Blockers?

Beta blockers are prescribed to treat high blood pressure, and are generally prescribed for people with heart problems. But then concert performers found them to be amazing for reducing physical signs of anxiety/nervousness. Pre-Beta-Blocker, stage anxiety would keep increasing, similar to the snowball effect. The performer starts their piece, but then their face turns red or they mess up a note/line. Then they realize they are getting nervous, and start to notice all sorts of other physical symptoms, and it continues to creep on their consciousness until they’re a wreck.

Beta Blockers for Anxiety

Imagine if you could avoid those initial physical signs of anxiety. Your heart never speeds up, your face never flushes, and your hands never shake. You might not realize it, but then you can give full attention to the task at hand without physical distraction. This is why beta-blockers are so helpful for performers.

I’ve gone into a huge calculus midterm before, extremely nervous and worried. I could try my hardest to keep a poker face on, but I know I’m nervous. Even if I’m well-prepared for this midterm, my anxiety might hinder my success. If I had beta-blockers back during those midterms, I would find test-taking significantly easier and might even find myself enjoying putting my knowledge to use. This could potentially be more powerful (grade-wise) than a study-aid in the long run.

Because beta-blockers require prescription, and if someone cannot find one, similar results can be obtained through other means. Since the goal is to achieve a calm/focused state, you can find a racetam that achieves this decently with pramiracetam powder (this is different than piracetam).