How I Fixed Modafinil: Modafinil and Caffeine Stack

Modafinil and Caffeine

I’ve tried time and time again to use my modafinil as an as-needed supplement, but I find myself needing a pick-me-up more than once a week.

As much as I love caffeine, the effects are too short-lived to be effective for 16+ hours of productivity, so I turn to modafinil for a longer, cleaner feeling of wakefulness.

Plus, like everyone, I build a tolerance to caffeine pretty quickly. This means I need to take more and more caffeine to get the same effects as I did in early use stages. Since I use it for my pre workout supplement, I don’t want to rely on it to wake me up as well. This would just dilute its effectiveness. Thus, I turn to modafinil (to which I had no tolerance); however, it comes with similar drawbacks as well.

As many of you already know, modafinil and caffeine (as well as everything else) has a tolerance effect in the body, and I’ve almost reached a point of ineffectiveness. This happened to me once over the summer as well (I got to the point of taking modafinil every day) and it was an unfortunate waste of money.

Using Yohimbine to Counteract Modafinil Tolerance

I recently heard of a potential synergy between modafinil and yohimbine. I hadn’t done much research on yohimbine in the past, but it’s primarily marketed as a weight-loss supplement with stimulatory effects. I came across an article that mentioned that modafinil-induced wakefulness and focus was significantly increased with a small dose of yohimbine.

What are Yohimbine and Modafinil?

Here is a brief background of both supplements for those who are unfamiliar with them:

Modafinil is a drug that requires a prescription in the United States and is used to promote wakefulness. It is primarily used by individuals with narcolepsy or sleep apnea, but is also used for attention disorders, mood disorders, fatigue, and as a nootropic for cognitive enhancing purposes.

Yohimbine is available for purchase online and in many brick and mortar stores. It is primarily used for fat loss; however, it also has stimulant and aphrodisiac properties. As it is highly versatile, yohimbine is a very popular supplement among men and women. However, as I said before, I was interested in its potential synergy with modafinil.

Powder City was nice enough to send me a sample of yohimbine, and I was amazed with what I found.

It’s generally advised that these drugs should not mix (because yohimbine has inhibitor properties making modafinil slightly more toxic), but in low doses of each, this wasn’t a concern of mine.

I had made it through the entire week without the assistance of any supplements, but Friday came around and the entire week suddenly caught up with me. I finished class and had an hour or so before going to work, but sitting in my chair, I was having an insanely difficult time keeping my eyes open.

I didn’t want to take anything with caffeine in it, because I like to save my caffeine ingestion for the gym. I was about to take a quick powernap, but remembered that I had some yohimbine and modafinil on my shelf.

I cut the modafinil tablet in half (100mg), and took one capsule of yohimbine (2.5mg). Alone, these would not have done much for me, but together, I was awake and ready to go within half an hour.

After a shift at work, I went to the gym with one of my buddies who practices MMA (Mixed Martial Art) fighting all over the country, and with the help of a little caffeine powder, I was able to power through a 2-hour workout.

Individuals considering this combination should proceed with caution; yohimbine is highly stimulatory in some, but for me, it was just what I needed.

The Adrafinil Stack

Adrafinil is equally as effective as modafinil. This is because adrafinil is a prodrug of modafinil meaning it metabolizes into modafinil within the body. As a result, you reap the same benefits. Plus, you can stack adrafinil with other supplements as well. Also, unlike modafinil, you do not have to have a prescription to buy adrafinil.

Nootropic effects of Lucid Dreaming

lucid dreaming with nootropicsOnce, in Kindergarten, I had my first lucid dream. Being so young, it was amazing suddenly having complete control of my dream, having brought my conscious self into a subconscious world.

I don’t remember much about the dream specifically, but it sprouted into a curiosity of great potential. Many people claim they learn a lot through their dreams. A dream may have the potential to answer questions that bother some people on a daily basis, or have potential to generate new ideas/creations.

Lucid dreaming is that, but one step higher.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

It’s the ability to control what you get. I like to think of it as an opportunity to learn about myself. Imagine creating a room and sitting down across from an exact copy of yourself. You could literally ask your subconscious self any question, and hopefully receive an answer. Every day we try to hide from the truth, mask our emotions/thoughts, and create a fog over rational thinking.

The reason I think lucid dreaming could be a powerful nootropic is because it could be exactly what one needs to make great progress in their waking lives. While this isn’t a typical “cognitive enhancer”, I still think that what people try to achieve through supplementation could be achieved through dreaming.

Many use lucid dreaming as a playground, relieving stress, and becoming infinitely creative. People take nootropics for the same reason, which is why I believe that lucid dreaming is entirely underrated.

Steps to Achieve Lucid Dreaming

  1. Remember your dreams on a nightly basis: Many of us have a hard time remembering our dreams after we wake up, or claim we didn’t dream that night. As it turns out, we dream most night, but sometimes we just don’t remember it. This is known as recall memory. A good way to achieve this is to think back 20 minutes, and try to remember every detail up until the present moment. Another way is to keep a journal by your bed and as soon as you wake up, write down as much of the dream as you can remember, which exercises your recall memory.
  2. Reality checks: This is a term that is thrown around the lucid dreaming community quite often. Every chance you get, remind yourself that you are awake. Some people draw dots on their hands, look at a clock, or flick a light switch. When it reacts as one would expect, they tell themselves “I am awake because this worked”. Once done enough, that person might try a reality check in a dream and suddenly realize they are dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is hard to achieve and takes some people months to achieve just one so it takes practice. A few supplements to try to achieve lucid dreaming are DMAE and Galantamine, but many of the nootropics have this purported effect.