Nootropics to Raise Your Social Acuity

Accurately understanding the state of mind of those around and closest to you can benefit you in a number of ways; comprehending individual boundaries within your social circle, as well as knowing what to say, how to say it, and when it is appropriate to speak. But possibly the most useful aspect of one’s social perception is being able to assess and utilize information within different professional situations, like job interviews, to your advantage. You can train yourself to pick up certain cues in these situations, but many things can prevent us from being able to accurately ascertain these hints. Two of the biggest factors [1] that inhibit us from correctly understanding those around us are low moods and social anxiety, both of which tend to hinder our ability to socialize in the first place. In order to offset the negative effects of these obstacles, and eventually rebuild our understanding of our close relationships, a supplement of the nootropic Piracetam has been shown to encourage improvement in these areas.

What is Piracetam?

Classified under the umbrella of the nootropic racetams, Piracetam [2] is a derivative of the essential neurotransmitter GABA, the primary neurotransmitter in the human body. Piracetam has been used and studied since the early 1970s as an aid in age related cognitive impairment, increased mental capacity and activity, and as an over the counter supplement for low moods and anxiety. When taken orally, Piracetam has the unique abilities of near complete absorption within the body and ease of transition between the blood and brain barrier.

How can Piracetam help?

The first step towards an improved social awareness begins with boosting mood and lowering anxiety. Piracetam [2, 3] has been shown to decrease the negative symptoms associated with these conditions through the improved functioning and communication between neurotransmitters in the body as well as proper activity in neural pathways. Piracetam [3] also helps to increase the influx of calcium into the neuronal cells to further bolster neurotransmitter actions at synaptic junctions. Additionally, due to its anxiolytic properties, Piracetam [4] has been shown to decrease antisocial behavior brought on by anxiety. A recent study [4] demonstrated that Piracetam produced no sedative like side effects, bolstered production of the happy hormone Serotonin, and ultimately operated just as effectively as different prescription antidepressants. In order to properly function within different social settings, and subsequently increase the understanding of friends and relations, one must be able to overcome personal shortcomings as to place themselves in a position to effectively communicate with those around them.



Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever remembered a dream so vividly or so expertly that it felt as though you may have been an active participant in your dream’s contents?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of knowing you were asleep and dreaming? If so, you may have experienced what is commonly called a lucid dream.

A lucid dream [2] is a state during dreams where the individual dreaming is consciously aware that they are indeed inside of their own dream. During a lucid dream, the individual has been shown to have some level of control over the contents and experiences inside of their imaginary world.

Different scientific studies have been conducted researching the environments, diets, and supplements involved in the initiation of lucid dreaming. One such supplement studied for its inherent ability to increase the chance of experiencing a lucid dream is the alkaloid Galantamine.

How to use Galantamine for Lucid Dreaming

The supplement Galantamine [1] is obtained from the flowers and bulbs of numerous different plants and its use has been studied since the early 1950s. Traditionally, users took Galantamine for age related memory loss. However, since the interest in the concept and study of lucid dreaming has began to rise, more individuals have expressed a desire to experience this phenomenon. Different research [3, 4] has been conducted concerning Galantamine and has indicated that the supplement greatly increases your chances of lucid dreaming.

Galantamine [1, 3, 4] creates an environment through which your chances of experiencing lucid dreaming are increased through two major processes; first, Galantamine stops the deterioration process of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter found in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, and second, actually increases production of acetylcholine through the stimulation of different cholinergic receptors.

Additionally [4], an increase in REM density and a decrease in the latency of REM have been observed of the individual taking Galantamine. The increase in REM further enables the instance of lucid dreaming. It is important to remember that when attempting to procure a lucid dream, the faster the individual reaches REM sleep, the higher the chance of reaching the goal.

Another way [4] to use Galantamine to help to induce lucid dreaming is through a structured sleep instance in which the individual is allowed to sleep so as to enter REM sleep as one normally would during regular sleep patterns. These are the steps involved in the structured sleep example:

  • Allow the individual to asleep for 4 to 5 hours to ensure they are in a state of REM sleep.
  • Gently wake the sleeping individual so they make ingest a dose of Galantamine.
  • Once they have taken the supplement, allow them to immediately fall back into the previously achieved REM sleep.

Once the supplement has been digested, all of the necessary conditions for the individual to experience and enjoy a lucid dream have been secured.