Best Nootropics for Anxiety

Anxiety is an important part of human physiology and in many ways is what keeps us from living an accident prone disastrous lifestyle. A natural way of our body telling us we are in a potentially dangerous or harmful situation anxiety is a necessary response that promotes longevity in human life. With all that said; anxiety is often associated with stress and is generally seen in a negative light in most circles. The true villain here is “over-anxiety” and the body’s physical response which can include an increase in perspiration and heartbeat.  If we were anxiety free all the time we would be much more likely to engage in dangerous and potentially life threatening activities that would greatly hamper our life expectancy. So, why am I telling you all of this and how can we use nootropics to curb intense anxiety that may constrain our lives?

Nootropics are often used to enhance memory and improve cognitive function but they have also been shown to have anti-anxiety and stress reducing properties. Specifically there are certain nootropics that when taking in conjunction work synergistically to achieve this desired effect. There are a number of nootropics available that can alleviate anxiety and in many cases a trial and error method of experimentation may be required to find the optimal solution for your needs.

Nootropics for Anxiety

In this analysis of anti-anxiety nootropics we will take a look at a few different nootropic options including theanine, GABA, 5-htp, bacopa, and rhodiola. Theanine is the only nootropic that has the ability to simultaneously increase serotonin and GABA levels, both of which are associated with lowering anxiety levels. Alternatively direct GABA supplementation is more effective in raising GABA levels and 5-htp or bacopa can be more effective in raising serotonin levels. So, if you are looking for a one and done solution theanine seems to be your best option. Rhodiola is one of the only nootropics that specifically halts the breakdown of serotonin in the brain and has shown a significant effectiveness in research, therefore I suggest supplementing with rhodiola in addition to other nootropics in most cases. A combination of rhodiola and either 5-htp (a naturally occurring anti-anxiety and stress reducing amino acid) or bacopa (an herb that has shown to increase serotonin in the brain) is recommended for the best anti-anxiety results with nootropics.

While this recommended combination/stack has shown to be effective and is a good starting point, the topic of nootropics is notorious for being uncharted territory and should be approached with that in mind. This means that one should always pay attention to your body’s individual response and conduct personal research on a supplement or supplements before consuming them.

Nootropic supplementation can be an exciting and often very effective method of attaining your desired results in your personal health related goals. Always pay attention to your products packaging and label information for dosing guidelines and it is recommended you consult a doctor before implementing nootropics in to your daily routine.


New to Nootropics? Information to Get You Started

Nootropics are well known memory enhancers. Coined in 1972, the term is still relatively fresh in the supplement world and in many ways could be classified as uncharted territory. Nootropics are supplements, nutraceuticals, or functional foods that improve intelligence, memory, cognition, motivation, and attention. There are an overwhelming amount of nootropics available on the market today and it can be a difficult task to find the optimal mix or stand-alone nootropic for you. If you want to either try nootropics for the first time and don’t know where to get started or are more experienced but want an option that is backed by good research then I suggest the nootropic piracetam.

Piracetam is a member of the racetam family, a group of cognitive enhancers with a common base structure. It has been labeled the father of nootropics as it was the first substance to receive the label and continues to be the leading choice for many people experimenting with different options. So, why should you choose piracetam over other nootropic supplements and how should we implement nootropics in general into our daily routine?

The leading argument in piracetam’s favor is similar to many arguments that surround various nootropics in that it touts the ability to enhance memory and improve cognitive function in both healthy and unhealthy adults. Research has shown significant memory enhancing effects after a consistent dosing of piracetam; specifically verbal learning was shown to have significantly increased after only two weeks. In addition to memory enhancement, piracetam has shown the ability to provide the user with an improved cognitive function in day to day activity. A meta-analysis that looked at 19 different double-blind placebo controlled studies concluded that piracetam does have a significant benefit in regards to cognitive function.

The many benefits associated with piracetam include but are not limited to: cardiovascular system protection, metabolism boosting ability, improved blood circulation, hearing improvement, detoxifying agent, and the ability to counteract hypoxia, short term memory loss .

Piracetam, a cyclic derivative of GABA is available as an over the counter supplement. I urge you to do your own research on nootropics before adding them to your daily routine or stack. While piracetam has shown no adverse side effects and a very low toxicity there are still unknown variables that one must consider as nootropics in general are a fairly new and under studied family of supplements. With that in mind make sure to pay attention to your body’s individual response and the product’s label information to be as safe as possible while using nootropics.