Arginine for Immune System Health

Sometimes life gives us more responsibilities than we can handle. Our days are filled with heavy workloads, home repairs, and possibly even a new child. But, if our personal health deteriorates and ultimately becomes a difficult struggle, we find ourselves ill prepared to tackle these tasks. Falling ill can lead to sick days from work and, subsequently, less funds to finance projects, repairs, or the ability to go out to dinner every now and then. Accomplishing any of our goals is directly dependent on our bodies staying healthy and properly fighting off illnesses. As we grow older, our immune system weakens and we are much more susceptible to deteriorating health, both physically and cognitively. With a supplement of Arginine, our immune system can give us a boost to help fight off infection and repair tissue damage so that we can place a better focus on the things we find most important.

What is Arginine?

Arginine [1, 2] is an amino acid which becomes essential during times of extreme sickness or serious health concerns. Although Arginine is found naturally in the body, continued stress on the body or exposure to illness can weaken our immune functions, thus, Arginine becomes essential in fortify our body’s defenses. Being a known vasodilator [2], Arginine also helps to increase blood flow throughout the body which can decrease blood pressure and the possible overexertion of the heart and other organs.

How can Arginine Benefit You?

When we become ill or we sustain an injury from intensive exercise, our body immediately begins to repair damage. But, during an extended recovery, both the body and the immune system occasionally need something to enhance and energize its reparative functions. Two different studies have indicated that supplementation during recovery decreased wound healing time, increased protein count, T-cell function, and thymic immune function. Arginine ultimately decreased wound duration as well as overall recovery time. While many individuals can benefit from this supplement, Arginine has proved especially effective in patients 65 years or older. Age often brings a decrease in immune function and along with it, an increased susceptibility to illness and serious injury.

In relation to supplementation to lessen recovery time after intensive weight training or exercise routines, Arginine also acts as a precursor to the amino acid Glutamine [2]. Also conditionally essential to the body during instances of increased bodily stress, Glutamine works as the preferred and essential fuel for the body’s immune system instead of glucose. Additionally, Arginine’s vasodilatory [2] action increases oxygen delivery as well as muscle function during exceptionally difficult training sessions. Arginine not only helps younger bodies perform at their best, but it also aids aging bodies in the fight against life’s many challenges.