Beta-Alanine and Lactic Acid

I started including Beta-Alanine in my homemade preworkout mix. I’m led to believe that Beta-Alanine supplement started becoming popular back when Jack3d was the top product in the preworkout market, infamous for the face tingles. As it turns out, the Beta-Alanine is the culprit of the face-tingles, not the DMAA (as many believe).

Beta Alanine Tingles

The face tingles caused by Beta Alanine (Parasthesia if you want to get technical) is generally harmless, and is actually a potentially powerful stimulant effect that people notice in the gym. I love stimulants myself, and Beta-Alanine is definitely a strange one.

The stimulant effect is not why I like Beta-Alanine as much as I do, though. The reason it’s such a powerful chemical is because of its buffering effect. When I go to the gym, I like to train more towards the hypertrophy/endurance repetition range (meaning a lot of reps at lower weight), which leads to a burning sensation in the muscles (via lactic acid).

When Beta-Alanine is in the system, it prevents some of that lactic acid from burning you out, allowing for a few more repetitions until failure. While doing 15 reps may not seem like many more than 12, in the long run, those extra 3 repetitions will make a difference. Considering how cheap it is to buy Beta-Alanine, it’s certainly worth the cost for the better workout.