Bronkaid ECA Stack and Other Energy and Focus Stacks

Bronkaid ECA Stack: Is it Effective?I’ve been hearing a lot recently in the bodybuilding community of something known as an ECA stack. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, ECA stands for Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. A quick energy stack like this is extremely useful for those bodybuilders looking to lose those last couple pounds of fat to get into the single-digit body fat percentages. What’s interesting, however, is the ingredient Ephedrine. What many do not know, however, are the nootropic properties of ephedrine taken by itself.

Marketed as a nasal decongestant and sometimes a standalone fat-burner, ephedrine is a powerful stimulant and induces an intense-focus and reportedly high energy output. I think oftentimes when someone is looking for a nootropic to help them through their day, energy is an important thing to consider. While caffeine is effective (quite possibly the most popular nootropic), tolerance builds quickly which leads to ineffectiveness. I’ve had to buy caffeine pills to keep up with my tolerance, and I decided it was becoming futile. I’ve experimented with other stimulates in the past (DMAA for example) and decided there are better alternatives than straight caffeine. This is why pre-workout mixes contain more than just caffeine – to stay effective and keep the customer coming back for more.

Bronkaid ECA Stack: Is it Effective?

Today I stopped by my local pharmacy and bought some Bronkaid (Over-the-counter medicine) containing 25mg ephedrine sulfate along with guaifenesin (400mg). What I didn’t realize, however, is that the guaifenesin is a muscle relaxant aimed to loosen mucus in the bronchial passageways. While this may not concern some, I decided it was a waste of a purchase because I didn’t want this energy stack to impact my performance in the gym.

My Ephedrine Stack

The other two ingredients I included with my stack were a megadose of noopept powder (100mg) and a moderate dose of aniracetam. Both of or derived from the racetam family, these ingredients actually use different receptors in the brain and can therefore synergize quite nicely (for those of you who are curious, noopept activates nerve growth and a stimulated Hippocampus – the area of the brain affiliated with long/short term memory and special navigation, while sniracetam stimulates the AMPA receptor giving your brain faster communication in the central nervous system).

As I continue experimenting with this energy/focus stack, I will keep you updated.  Because ephedrine is hard to obtain, a similar energy can be obtained via caffeine anhydrous and DMAA.