My Theanine and Caffeine Experience

Great Nootropic Combos

Whenever I’m browsing through various forums and threads on the internet about nootropics, a common question comes up: I’m new to nootropics. What should I take?

There are probably a thousand things you could take to attempt to boost your cognitive abilities, but two combinations are thrown around. Piracetam/Choline, and Caffeine/L-theanine. Most people know what caffeine is – It’s that stuff in your coffee that makes your work day bearable, or that stuff in your preworkout mix that gives you energy in the gym. L-theanine is a little less known, however.

Caffeine’s Downside

A lot of people are sensitive to stimulants. After taking caffeine, they have increased anxiety, feel jittery, and wired. Some people love the hard-hitting effects of caffeine powder (myself included), but others find it uncomfortable and too intense, so they disregard caffeine completely.

Unfortunately for those people, caffeine supplements are potentially one of the most powerful nootropics available in the market, plus it’s cheap as dirt (in bulk form, not “Starbucks coffee” form).

This is Where Theanine Comes in

L-theanine is known to be a calming agent, and is advertised to reduce stress and anxiety. I’ve taken it in isolation before a class presentation and found myself at ease (at least, more ease than usual).

When paired with caffeine, it seems to negate the undesirable side effects, leaving the pure nootropic properties for the user to enjoy. I think it’s a great combination, because it reduces the stimulant qualities of caffeine, which is sometimes a little too extreme for someone looking for a slight brain boost.

Even by itself, L-theanine is a great nootropic to supplement with because it appears to be safe and effective. It’s not as anxiolytic as something a doctor would prescribe, but it helps.

I find myself in a relaxed state whenever I take L-theanine by itself, and it is great for those stressful situations. Like caffeine, L-theanine is fairly cheap so if you don’t like the stimulation you get from coffee, then try pairing it with L-theanine. It’s popular for a reason: it works.