How to Make your own Neurochill to Save Money

alternatives to neurochillNootropics that offer relaxation and anti-stress benefits are as popular as nootropics that give you a superhuman brain boost. The reason is simple – we all want to be able to calm down.

There are individual nootropics like l-theanine or 5-htp that can reduce stress on their own, but Neurochill, a blend from MindNutrition, is receiving a lot of attention as a quality supplement to help curb stress, induce relaxation, and improve mood.

What is Neurochill?

Unlike many supplement blends, Neurochill only has 3 ingredients: phosphatidylserine, inositol and bacopa. Let’s look at what each of these do independent of one another.

  • Phosphatidylserine – Relieves symptoms of age-related cognitive impairment, improves mood, aids memory, and improves sports performance.
  • Inositol – Helps the body move and use things like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, and helps mood and anxiety.
  • Bacopa monnieri – Helps with memory problems, anxiety, learning, and concentration.

Taken together in a blend like Neurochill, these supplements create a synergistic effect that can help you to relax while improving your cognitive function at the same time. The relaxation offered by Neurochill is also free from drowsiness, so you can actually function.

But is Neurochill the best way to take these supplements?

Bulk vs. Blends

bulk powder vs. nootropics blends

Many individuals opt to buy bulk powders to make their own variation of popular stacks

Nootropic blends can be a great way to make nootropics easy and hassle free, but as with all blends, you pay extra for convenience. The ingredients in Neurochill can actually be bought in bulk and result in a significant savings over purchasing the pre-capped blend.

Here’s the ingredient breakdown on Neurochill’s label for one serving (2 capsules):
MN Chill Formulation (inositol, phosphatidylserine 50%, bacopa monnieri 50% bacosides) 1264mg

Since Neurochill only has 3 ingredients (unlike other supplement blends that contain a lengthy list of ingredients) it will be very easy to mix your own.

However, all three ingredients are mixed in a proprietary blend, so there’s a little guesswork involved with the exact amount of each ingredient. On the other hand, each of them has a similar recommended dosage, so we can assume that an equal amount of each is going into the blend.

Since each bottle of 90 capsules costs $49.95, we’ll calculate the cost per dose based on the 2 capsules per dose recommendation.

Total Cost Per Bottle Capsules Cost Per Dose

90 (45 doses)


Buy in Bulk and Save

These available in bulk, so the cost can be greatly reduced by purchasing in bulk and blending them together on your own.

Each of these supplements are available in large quantities, so the savings can be huge. When ordered at the maximum quantity and calculated based on the cost per dose, the bulk costs are below:

Ingredient Estimated Amount/dose Cost Per 45 Doses Cost Per Dose
Inositol 421.3mg $0.67 $0.01
Phosphatidylserine 20%* 421.3mg $13.95 $0.31
Bacopa 20%* 421.3mg $4.95 $0.11
Total Cost Per Bottle and Dose Equivalent $19.57 $0.42

*These are in Neurochill at 50% so the equivalent dose was multiplied to calculate a relevant total dosage.

So by ordering in bulk you can spend as little as $19.57 per bottle vs. $49.95 – a savings of $30.38 per month! If you were going to use this for a whole year, your savings would be over $350!

The initial costs of bulk supplements can be a deterrent for many people, but if you find a good blend like Neurochill, the savings over time of buying in bulk more than makes up for the investment. Taking bulk supplements can be just as easy as pre-made blends, too. With gel caps and a capping machine, you can quickly cap hundreds of capsules and set yourself up for months!