Noopept Review: Tolerance, Dosage, and Effects

Noopept Review

Some of the most effective nootropics are members of the racetams family. While every racetam is different, they’re generally known to be very effective in their function and safe for use. Perhaps the most popular racetam, or at least the one new supplement users are most likely to hear about first, is piracetam. Tested time and time again, piracetam has been found to be harmless and enjoyable. [1]

More potent than piracetam, noopept powder is quickly becoming a more popular alternative among western nootropic culture. Along with being more potent, this supplement also metabolizes much faster than other racetams.

Used in Russia for memory enhancement and the treatment of learning disorders (they even have commercials for this stuff!), Noopept powder is another supplement from the racetam family and might actually have advantages that other nootropics do not have. [2]

Noopept is actually neuroprotective. Neuroprotection is exactly what it sounds like: it protects the neurons in your brain from things that could be damaging it such as stress and aging (and a process called oxidation if you want to get technical). Also, Noopept seems to have some great long-term effects on your memory, while other Racetams generally only affect short-term memory. [3]

There are also a few studies showing that noopept may have anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects, something only a few other racetams can claim. [3]

These unique properties might want to make you start taking noopept powder every day, but there are some concerns as well.

The Downside

Let me start by saying that even with its newfound popularity, it’s still difficult to find solid research on Noopept. As noopept is the most popular Russian nootropic, there is research, but most of the studies regarding it are Russian studies – both in origin and language.

However, even the Russian literature on Noopept warn users not to exceed daily use for three months. According to most scientific opinion, one should cycle noopept powder and take a month off before resuming another three-month “on” period if using noopept as a daily supplement. While the reason for this is a little unclear, it is generally a good idea to cycle what you put into your body anyway (to prevent tolerance, and in some cases to prevent your body from making detrimental permanent changes). [3]

How to take Noopept

I’ve posted this video before as it is an excellent and thorough review. Watch to learn about this person’s experience with noopept.

In the last few months, Noopept has become widely available in the U.S. and other countries and because of this, the price tag might seem a little intimidating, but keep in mind that a recommended dose is only 10-20mg.

After figuring in the dose amounts, Noopept is actually very cheap. In the short time that I’ve been using noopept, I already love it and definitely keep it close by for my nootropic stack.

You can also try higher doses and see how they affect you. I have personally tried up to 120mg in a single dose and did not notice any adverse side effects, however I have somewhat of a noopept tolerance so be careful while dosing above the recommended dose.

Again, if you’re interested in trying noopept out, you can buy it online from many vendors. Try to find one that conducts third-party testing on their products.

Noopept Dosage

As stated above, noopept can be effective with a very small dose of just 10mg. However, there are a variety of ways to take noopept. A popular method is taking noopept sublingually. All this means is an individual puts noopept under their tongue to absorb the powder rather than swallowing it. The primary benefit of this method is the noopept will take effect much faster as it bypasses the digestion process. Anecdotal evidence indicates sublingual administration provides more powerful benefits as well. Because of this, individuals should start with an even smaller noopept dosage of 5mg until they can determine the effects.

Another popular method is to take a megadose of noopept powder. This calls for taking 100-300mg of noopept at a time. The main purpose of this method is to rapidly achieve greater and more powerful benefits. Megadosing is best reserved for individuals who are familiar with how noopept affects them, and even then they should start on the lower end of the dosage range. Megadoses are not meant to be taken regularly or for long periods of time. If you are unsure if a megadose is right for you, stick with traditionally accepted oral doses of 10mg one to three times per day.