Piracetam Powder: Round 1

After experimenting with several nootropics, I decided to finally sit down and order the reigning king of the nootropic world, piracetam. The first, the great, and the well researched piracetam powder has such a reputation I figured that I couldn’t be a self respecting noot and not have ingested a couple dozen kilos of this stuff.

My 500 gram exploratory bag arrived recently and I began taking starting doses of 1600 mg in the morning with 300 mg Alpha-GPC for choline and then 800 mg of piracetam at lunch. While I had been expecting not to feel anything for a couple of weeks, I started feeling much more alert and awake by day three. Feeling that this could be the choline which I might have been under supplied through diet, I tried upping the dose.

This worked rather well. A lot of the research in which piracetam performs rather well in increasing memory, concentration, and problem solving involves 4-5 gram doses. Deciding this might be the dose for me, I began taking it a couple of times a day along with 300 mg Alpha-GPC at every dose to avoid that racetam headache I’ve heard so much about.

The result has been stunning. A long time caffeine dependent (drinking coffee and tea several times a day), I found myself only drinking a morning cup of coffee and maybe an afternoon tea. Working out after a piracetam dose made me feel strong and in control. None of this may be directly piracetam, it could be that I’ve just become incredibly disciplined and super buff (I wouldn’t argue), but I can’t help noticing the timing.

While that is all correlation, I’ll be continuing my piracetam supplementation and trying to see how the effects build or change over time, and then taking a break after my 500 grams to see how I’m doing. Before trying piracetam, you should learn how to take piracetam powder.