Custom Acetylcholine Enhancing Stack

This is a post sent in to us by Eric Balaster of Pure Nootropics. I thank him for taking the time to write this. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Most beginners to nootropics typically start with one of two combinations. The first is caffeine and L-theanine, which has a variety of studies that can prove the synergy between the two. The other includes piracetam and choline, which was one of the first nootropic stacks developed in the 1970s. Since then, thousands of people have found piracetam useful for preventing neurological decline and improving memory.

The supplementation of choline with piracetam strongly improves the effects in both animal and human trials. However, utilizing the right choline source can make the effects even more pronounced. The objective of the choline supplementation is to provide a precursor to acetylcholine, but this custom stack can prove more beneficial.

All Angles of Acetylcholine

My custom acetylcholine enhancing stack for use with racetams is particularly useful because it attacks all angles of the neurotransmitter. Rather than simply providing raw materials for acetylcholine synthesis, it is useful to consider enzyme blockers and synergistic compounds that can increase cognitive function.

CDP Choline

CDP choline is not the most efficient choline source by weight, but there are a number of advantages. Alternatives like soy lecithin and choline bitartrate are poorly absorbed and utilized for acetylcholine synthesis in the brain. CDP choline has the added benefit of creating cytidine, which is quickly converted into uridine [1]. Many studies point towards uridine for providing positive neuro protective capabilities as well, which makes it nearly as useful as choline.

Dosage: 200 – 525 mg / day


Although CDP choline provides some raw materials for choline and uridine production, acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) is also a useful agent. It is a basic amino acid that provides a number of physiological benefits (especially for vegetarians), but is particularly useful for acetylcholine synthesis [2] to aid CDP choline.

Dosage: 500 – 750 mg / day

Spanish Sage

To compound the supplemented choline, Spanish sage is an excellent inhibitor of cholinesterase, which is the enzyme responsible for preventing full acetylcholine usage. Only small doses are required to have the desired effect [3], but young and healthy adults [4] respond well to this natural herb.

Dosage: 200 – 300 mg dried sage leaf / day

Diet and Tracking Your Stack

Depending on the types of foods that you eat, getting enough choline might not be a huge problem. There is a lot of choline in eggs, dairy products, and even some vegetables, so your supplementation will vary largely depending on your dietary intake. Furthermore, it is useful to track your cognitive abilities throughout the experimentation phase. You may find through subjective testing that your doses of these ingredients are too high (and thus causing a headache).

The only way to really know whether the piracetam and choline stack is working to improve your memory is through significant cognitive testing. Using enzyme inhibitors and the right types of choline for synergistic interaction can vastly improve the efficacy of nootropics.



About the Author

Eric Balaster is a self-described biohacker and nootropic lover. He has turned his interest of biology and physiology into a business called Pure Nootropics that offers independent third-party smart drugs for safe and convenient consumption.

The Poor Man’s Nootropic Stack

If you’re a college student or fresh graduate, you’re probably on a limited budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend on nootropics. However, your mental performance shouldn’t suffer just because you’re tight on cash.

In fact, with long nights studying and stressful exams, you could probably use a boost more than most people. Make no mistake, nootropics can get expensive, but like anything else, there’s a smart way to make your money work. You can build your own nootropic stacks that rival expensive blends for pennies on the dollar if you play your cards right.

Introducing: The Poor Man’s Nootropic Stack!

This stack is made up of essential nootropics that should serve as a baseline for anyone looking to save money on nootropics. In addition to being inexpensive, these are also very effective.

This stack includes nootropics that:

Limited funds? Don't sacrifice your brain power, try out the Poor Man's Nootropic stack!

Limited funds? Don’t sacrifice your brain power, try out the Poor Man’s Nootropic stack!

  1. Have a broad base of effects and lasting impact. These are considered the basics and a good foundation for any stack.
  2. Synergize with other nootropics included in the stack. These all work well together and, in some cases, will provide an added benefit over taking them individually.
  3. Are inexpensive. Since they’re the essentials, most are available in bulk powders or in other inexpensive forms that will allow you to stock up without breaking the bank.

Piracetam – Because it’s one of the oldest and most widely studied nootropics, piracetam is the superstar of the budget stack. Piracetam offers benefits for memory, learning, focus, concentration and mental performance in general. Bulk orders of piracetam can make it an extremely cost-effective supplement.

Caffeine – Caffeine has been used for ages by anyone trying to burn some midnight oil. What most people don’t know is that when used strategically, caffeine offers fantastic nootropic benefits. By consuming measured doses over time, caffeine can keep your mental energy levels steady and improve your focus. It’s also inexpensive. Bulk powder is available online, but if you want to go really cheap, you can consume coffee or other caffeinated beverages throughout the day in measured doses.

L-theanine – Providing anti-anxiety effects, l-theanine can be effective at helping you relax and focus. However, where it benefits you the most is when l-theanine is paired with caffeine. The two

Tea is a common source of theanine

Tea is a common source of theanine

have fantastic synergy that provides you with a calm, focused energy without caffeine jitters. This combination is already present at low levels in many teas; you’re just taking it up a notch to get the full effect.

CDP Choline – Choline is considered brain fuel. It keeps the furnace burning throughout the day and keeps you thinking sharp. Choline is another nootropic that offers synergistic benefits. Since piracetam increases choline uptake, adding a choline supplement can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your piracetam.

Noopept – Similar to piracetam, noopept is in the “racetam” family of nootropics. It offers the same benefits of improvements in memory, learning and mental performance. However, noopept powder is 1000x more potent than piracetam, so a much lower dose is required. Because of this, noopept makes a great addition to the Poor Man’s Nootropic stack with doses around $0.02 when purchased in bulk sizes.

Fish Oil – While not technically considered a nootropic, fish oil contains EPA and DHA which offer many neuroprotective benefits. In some cases fish oil has even been used to effectively deal with mood disorders.

That’s it! These are all you need to get smarter on a budget. Sure, it’s called the Poor Man’s Stack, but this could also be considered the “Smart Man’s Stack”. Why spend the money if you don’t have to? The nootropics listed here are enough to benefit anyone looking for a mental edge, no matter the budget!