Centrophenoxine Review

Centrophenoxine is an ester of pCPA and DMAE and is used for its abilities to enhance memory formation and also its neuroprotective properties. Centrophenoxine reduces lipofuscin which is the buildup of potassium that is the cause of brain cells becoming less efficient and dying. It is a choligenric compound which is lipid soluble and contains DMAE. Centrophenoxine also increases oxygen and glucose uptake in the brain and the increase of glucose uptake results in centrophenoxine helping to rectify the damage done to the brain that comes as a result of aging. It is said that the brain uses 20 percent of the oxygen available in the body and if the oxygen levels in the body become deficient then the brain does not operate as well as it could. So by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, centrophenoxine helps to increase the efficiency and productiveness of the brain in general.

lucid dreaming with nootropicsCentrophenoxine Benefits

However, centrophenoxine does not only help improve memory but also helps to protect memory and it is said to possibly reverse the effects that come as a result of aging of the brain. It also increases RNA which is used by neurons to create protein which is used to repair damaged cells in the brain. There have been studies done that show that centrophenoxine increases acetylcholinesterase activity in the brain stem in aged rats. What this essentially means is that the increase of acetylcholinesterase activity could be implicated in the reversal of neurodegradation. A double-blind study showed that centrophenoxine improved the cognitive performance of people who were suffering from age-related mental decline.

Centrophenoxine and Cognition

Overall, centrophenoxine improves cognitive functionality in the brain and also increases levels of serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine. Additionally, it is able to improve mood and can lead to a feeling of general well being. It also helps to support short-term memory due to the release of acetylcholine and some even think that it helps to promote the production of RNA. Also, it is thought that centrophenoxine helps to improve neuron fluidity and communication. This improvement links up with general thinking and cognition. Centrophenoxine powder is also thought to be a strong antioxidant and able to scavenge free radicals within the brain. There are also researchers who think centrophenoxine could help to alleviate cellular damage that comes as a result of different types of toxins.

Centrophenoxine Dosage

Cenotrphenoxine dosage is generally 250 to 3,000 milligrams daily. It is normally taken in doses that are equally divided throughout the day.

Centrophenoxine Side Effects

It is not recommended to take centrophenoxine at night or before you go to bed. It is smart to start out with a lower dose and increase gradually. Cycle off for a few days every 10 days to prevent excessive acetylcholine buildup. Centrophenoxine side effects could include muscle aches or pains which could also be the sign of overdose.



Centrophenoxine and Piracetam Combo and Dosage


Centrophenoxine is a nootropic known as a cognitive enhancer and anti aging supplement. It can increase energy as well as improve longevity of brain health by refreshing the cells in the body and brain. It is also known as an anti aging supplement because of its ability to help age related learning difficulty, clear age and live spots on the skin, and help with age related learning difficulty. The anti aging system of centrophenoxine works by clearing the lipofuscin deposits that accumulate in the cells and body. Lipofuscin deposits are often the result of dark spots on the skin of older people that you may have noticed before.

Centrophenoxine Benefits

Cellular damage and age related brain damage can be slowed by centrophenoxine which clears the deposit of potassium in cells which is what lipofuscin is. This deposit buildup stops the cells from functioning as they normally would by blocking the cells source of oxygen and nutrition. As a result the cells die because of the absence of blood and oxygen and this causes accelerated aging, memory loss, difficulty learning and appearance of brown spots on the skin. Centrophenoxine also increases the glucose uptake of the cells. This protects brain cells. Centrophenoxine powder is often used in a combination with piracetam to help deal with and reduce the effects of age-related memory loss. Centrophenoxine combined with piracetam has been clinically proven to be effective for promoting and preserving brain health.

Centrophenoxine Dosage

Centrophenoxine dosage is generally 1-3 doses of 250mg per day for younger individuals who are seeking neurological enhancement and neuronal protection. For older adults the recommended dosage is 3-6 doses of 250mg


Piracetam is also a cognitive enhancer that has been observed to increase energy and improve memory in healthy young adults and the elderly. It was found to be potentially devoid of any toxicity and beneficial for people who suffered from memory loss, memory decline, lack of concentration, and is generally effective in people suffering from age-related memory loss. In addition to improving memory, enhancing cognition and increasing concentration, piracetam has also been found useful for clotting and coagulation. Sometimes piracetam is used as an anti depressant since it increases glucose uptake of the brain cells and stimulates chemicals in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine.

Piracetam Benefits

So piracetam is reported to be very effective for cognitive impairment which works through various mechanisms some of which enhance membrane fluidity by interacting directly with cell membranes. Centrophenoxine combined with piracetam can work both as a cognitive enhancer and anti aging supplement.

Piracetam Dosage

Normal piracetam dosage is usually around 1200mg to 4800mg per day for adults, so make sure to stay within the recommended ranges of both supplements.

Piracetam and Centrophenoxine Combo

This combination has been reported to be very effective although research on piracetam notes that it is much more effective as a preserver although it is also a cognitive enhancer. So combining it with centrophenoxine makes it that much more powerful of a combination because now you get both preservative properties and memory enhancing properties.