Omega-3 Fish Oil for Boosting Mood

fish oil to boost moodNot everyone realizes that fats, more specifically fatty acids, are essential to good health. Yes, contrary to the popular opinion today that anything with fat in it is bad, you do need fatty acids in your diet in order to be in good health. Additionally, since fats are considered to be essential, the body cannot produce them on its own. These ingredients must be obtained through our food or supplementation. It is also interesting to note that evidence has been emerging showing that these oils can also help to boost our mood.

Omega-‘s and Mood:

We all know that sadness is a serious problem in our society. Those who suffer from poor mood spend lots of time seeking a way to boost mood. Omega-3 shows promise in this area. A British study used EFA, one of the best-known Omega-3s, to help deal with mood. After three months, over two-thirds of the treated group reported at least a 50 percent reduction in their sadness. This improvement was particularly true in the areas of sadness and pessimism, inability to work, sleeplessness, and low libido. If this supplement can work for them, it certainly can help an otherwise healthy person.

Important Role in Brain Health:

Most people have probably never realized but the nervous system is made up of mainly fats. All of the nerve impulses and signals that run across our bodies are sheathed in fat. And Omega-3 essential fatty acids are the basic building blocks of the brain. Neuronal cell membranes are about 20 percent fatty acids. Not only that, but they also appear to be critical at keeping the nerve signals and impulses working.

Although it is difficult to pinpoint exact mechanisms of action, it would appear that these fatty acids also help to maintain proper function of the brain and nervous system. Certainly, this maintenance can help to boost our mood, especially if we have been feeling a little “low” or “off.” Not only that, but it also may help your heart health. Plus, it has the effect of helping to reduce your “bad” cholesterol. As our bodily systems and functions become more efficient, our mood improves.

Omega-3 For Brain Health

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for good health. Not only are the vital, the human body cannot make them; we must obtain them from our diet or through supplementation. These substances have been extensively researched and are considered to be important in reducing the risk of heart disease. However, recent studies have also confirmed that these supplements play an essential role in maintaining brain health. These acids appear to be highly concentrated in the brain and may be important for numerous cognitive functions as well.

A Natural Brain Booster?

The majority of your brain consists of fatty acids. In fact, most of these essential fatty acids (EFAs) within the brain are indeed omega 3’s. Since these good fats can only be obtained through diet and supplementation it only makes sense that increased consumption can help restore and maintain proper brain function. Studies have shown that diets rich in omega 3 fats can result in increased learning ability, problem solving skills, focus, memory, and even improved communication between cells. It can even help to promote positive mood and emotional balance, even as we age.

How EFAs Benefit the Brain

In order to communicate properly, the cells within the brain must have flexible membranes so that vital molecules may easily pass through. Unfortunately, with age and an accumulation of saturated fats within the diet, these membranes can become rigid and inflexible, leading to poor communication and all sorts of mental and cognition problems.

Omega 3 supplementation can actually serve to help restore the pliable and flexible cell membranes needed for proper brain functioning. This naturally increases inter-cellular communication and helps to restore the proper balance. Also, omega 3 fatty acids act as a blood cleanser. When the blood is less ‘sticky’ it is also more fluid and better able to flow throughout the body. Since blood is the main transportation method to the brain this allows for increase oxygen uptake, helping to feed the brain.

Additional Brain Benefits

A number of studies have also associated low levels of omega 3’s with cognitive decline. However, many scientists are starting to come to the understanding that these supplements can help to protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline. There are also similar studies suggesting that these supplements may prove helpful for mood and behavioral conditions.

The bottom line here is that these omega-3 fatty acids are good for you. If you are not taking them already then you need to start. It is certainly cheap insurance against age-related cognitive decline or something even worse.