Top 5 Reasons to Try Phenibut

If you have not heard of this supplement called phenibut, now is a good time to take a good look and see exactly what it can do for your body. Phenibut was first discovered and used in Russia in their clinics for anxiolytic effects and as a nootropic to help with anxiety, stress, depression, and many other conditions. The phenibut dosages vary depending on what effect the user hopes to achieve.

Phenibut Effects and Benefits

1. It works. Phenibut has been used for a many number of years now, gaining popularity in Russian clinics. Many users attest to its ability to help them in their conditions. Many users take Phenibut powder to relieve anxiety and stress, although it can take quite a bit of time for this to kick in to your system once taken. But even with that feedback, there is just no denying that it’s effective. These days, it is alsoused to help people sleep better.

2. It is Safe. Did you know that this supplement was actually a standard in the health kit of Russian Astronauts in the early 70s? They used this supplement because it helped effectively reduce stress levels without affecting job performance. They could not rely on the traditional sedatives and tranquilizers as it made them drowsy.

3. It is cheap. You can buy 25g of Phenibut powder for under $10. You can find many deals and discounts online.

4. It can be used by both children and adult. There have been instances where even teens are using this to help keep their stress level in schools to a minimum. This is mainly because this is proven to really work well even with this young demographic.

5. It can improve memory, learning, and thinking. Now this is certainly something we can all use. People with memory problems or have difficulty in cognition can also use this. The so called nootropic effect has been proven before, and with the proper dosaging, you can actually utilize this supplement to enhance your brain power.